About the DLA

The Distance Learning Academy 

The DLA is an online learning organisation that is passionate about providing courses to aid personal and professional development. 

We believe in empowering people through education and making learning as accessible as possible. We make the online learning experience simple and intuitive, focussing on the learning experience of our students. 

We believe in making study, learning, skills and certification available to all. The DLA also works as an affiliate partner with Udemy, the world’s largest destination for online courses, training, and tutorials.


The Distance Learning Academy is a licensed reseller of  Microsoft’s official Office certification programme, Microsoft Office Specialist.

Why online learning?

Online learning provides:

  • Lower delivery costs
  • Faster delivery, on the platform you want, when you want
  • More effective learning
  • Lower environmental impact

In addition, studies by Brandon Hall in 2001 found additional benefits included the following:

  • Learners can go at their own pace, not at the pace of the slowest member of a group
  • It takes less time to start and finish a learning session
  • There is no travel time to and from a training event
  • There are no accommodation costs often associated with trainings off-site
  • Learners learn what they need to learn, they can skip elements of a program they don’t need

According to Brandon Hall (2001) these factors can add up to an average compression (saving of learning time) of 35-45 percent when a course is taken out of the classroom and delivered as online learning.

Online learning ‘can take anywhere from 25 to 60 percent less time to convey the same amount of instruction or information as in a classroom.’ Rosenberg (2001)

If you have any comments or suggestions to make about your experience with the DLA, we would be delighted to hear from you!